End. Thank you all.

It is alive!!

The laser is dead!

It's black on white.


Landscapes pulsing. Passing.

Laser still going.

Mini projector. Looks as though it was once film.

Or peak district. Lunar? The sky! Ground and pointed mountain. Christmas shopping.

A bottle sings in the wind.

A projector blazes.... PHILLIPS!!

Silence. Everyone is huddled in the centre watching the laser. What does this say about the state of human kind. Continue reading my thoughts about cats.

The laser in the distance is compelling. I feel empathetic to cats at this moment. Serpentine seems so stale. Strange for a place named after the serpent. An animal that sheds its skin... Back to the folly.

I'll say you are peeing.

Hold the laptop. I'm going to take a screenshot!

It goes with the laser!!

Child attempting to block the light! Green laser!! It's cool.

Laser spinning machine!

You can't leave stuff here.

Is it time to clap? What ever happened to the squid? How many beacons?

Just take pictures.

A little acorn and sycamore stuff...

Where's he going. He's going to go in the water.

Blindfolded rambling. Where's he gone? Where's everybody?

Stolen customers. Cyber hackers. Jungle. Stop sugar coating serial killers! That's the travellers way. Oh my word! A big blow! Bride of Isis!

Ohh!! Aisley Harriet!!

The mirror is read.

Secure the art!


Flip flops Polka dotted bikini

Singing.. Calm Tension. Will the picture fall?


Sand. Sunglasses and towel. Tick tick tick.... Waves It's going to take away the paint. The sun won't stay up

Will Power!

We're on our way!! I've got to go now!

Suitcase time.

Act of folly over here.

A machine that measures the folly here.

Here. I am at one with our TV historian.

The camera and its operator become a part of the play.

The adjective rake(ish) is coming to mind.

This jacket has been places. Some of which you have never heard of.

Taller. Thinner. Aristocratically handsome.

Imagine I am a TV historian. On the cusp of celebrity. Presenting.

That's for our play. We need good. Do please.

Are you alright?

Zoom in. Drool?

Pull harder

Catching a fish.

Fingers in mouth.

After four minutes give me a close up then after six...

"The nipple's been trodden on"


Staring at the phone. A spectral presence.


Huddled around the phone.

Crackle.. You're on speaker.

Yelp. Wine. Cider.

Anticipating the telephone performance as people mingle.

Black leaves. Covered in tar? Near the nipple. Next to the cigarette butt. Near the bent photo. Next to the shirt. People are peeking in.

Documentation has begun.

Nipple blown in with the wind. Or Nipple placed next to cigarette butt.

Suitcases galore.

Roaring applause!

Open fly.

Shirt rising.

"It is such a good stage"

Soak it in. New arrivals Calm has descended.

Shirt is rising.

iPod in my pocket. Shirt on. Wiggle wiggle. Waxed moustache. Cameras watching. Sissy that walk! British flag dancing in the wind. I'm free! I'm on fire! LIVE. Deep breath. Careful with the orange string. Leaves a flutter.

I'm going to start now.

Bent. Photo held in place.

Runner taking a detour to peek inside.

Eager dog with curious owners thinking.

Orange passage ways leading to...

12:00 5 December 2015 Kensington Garden.


In Spring 2014 thirteen artists occupied and developed work in response to 20,000 sqf of a deserted office floor in East India Dock, London, under the banner of HOUSERULES.

A space for spontaneous experimentation was created for both artists and audience.

HOUSERULES has since continued, unsubscribed to a fixed location, as a nomadic occurrence appearing in unexpected places.

HOUSERULES embraces indeterminacy; bringing, but also questioning, freedom, action and play into the context of a given space. Each particular location will come with its own set of ‘house rules’ and will be the starting point for each artist’s response through his or her own artistic ‘lens’.

HOUSERULES invites artists from various disciplines to contribute. The individual works take on a variety of media, including dance/movement, film, installation, sculpture, written/spoken word and sound, all coming together to form a temporary situation of creative energy.