HOUSERULES of Under E Cross Rte

contributing artists include:

James Dixon
Kate Tiernan
Rachel J Conn
Titus Davies
Agnes Bakucz
Haraldur Agustsson
Victoria Burgher
Natalie Keymist
Ailsa Sinclair
Luis Ignacio
Artemis Crowley
Yen Lin
Jayne Lloyd
Jeremy Lee
Yiman Lin
Ben Faga
Nadia Berri

E Cross Rte, London E9 5JD, UK



In Spring 2014 thirteen artists occupied and developed work in response to 20,000 sqf of a deserted office floor in East India Dock, London, under the banner of HOUSERULES.

A space for spontaneous experimentation was created for both artists and audience.

HOUSERULES has since continued, unsubscribed to a fixed location, as a nomadic occurrence appearing in unexpected places.

HOUSERULES embraces indeterminacy; bringing, but also questioning, freedom, action and play into the context of a given space. Each particular location will come with its own set of ‘house rules’ and will be the starting point for each artist’s response through his or her own artistic ‘lens’.

HOUSERULES invites artists from various disciplines to contribute. The individual works take on a variety of media, including dance/movement, film, installation, sculpture, written/spoken word and sound, all coming together to form a temporary situation of creative energy.